Big Steps – Our engagement story and wedding plans!

Those of you who know me already will know that I got engaged just three months ago. I should have plenty to say about planning weddings, cakes, dresses, flowers and all things frilly… but I won’t just yet! First of all, some things should stay a surprise and plenty of my wedding guests are reading my blog – so many wedding details will just have to stay under wraps.

But there are a couple of things here or there that I don’t mind sharing!

The story of our engagement:

A bit about us

Well as you already know I’m Cansu, I’m 29 (for another two weeks) and I’m from north London and my husband-to-be Cem, is 31 and a south Londoner. Luckily neither of us is territorial about where to live and we haven’t had any battles about which side of the river is greener.

Although we were both born and have been raised in the UK, I am originally from North Cyprus (the Turkish side) and Cem’s origins are Salzburg in Austria and Istanbul in Turkey, which gives us just the right amount in common with some lovely differences in culture too.

How long have we been together?

It feels like we’ve known each other forever but in reality it’s been a whirlwind of two and-a-bit years – although we’ve known each other for longer.

Where did we first meet?

Outside of Selfridges in London.

First date?

Our first date was rather fittingly in a restaurant in St. Christopher’s Place. Our second date was at London Zoo and somehow we still found our way back to St. Christopher’s Place for dinner!

When did I know that Cem was the one?

As soon as we started dating, everything was very simple and easy. I’m definitely a firm believer that when something is meant to be it will just happen without any drama, tension or too many obstacles. We had chemistry straight away, and love blossomed very quickly so I knew he was the one immediately but I have a cautious personality so time has demonstrated how right I was!

When did we get engaged?

Cem proposed to me thirteen weeks ago on 2nd April 2016. I’m so glad it wasn’t on 1st April as I wouldn’t have believed it on April fool’s day!

How did he propose?

First of all, I think it’s fair to say that Cem wasn’t that subtle, he not only warned me last year that he will be proposing in 2016, he was also telling everyone we saw that we were getting married and he was going to propose, so I kept brushing the subject away to try and save myself a surprise!

Cem had meant to propose in February, but every time he tried to make a plan I kept making other plans and going away on trips,being busy and other things just kept happening for both of us. He ended up having the ring in hiding for a couple of months and eventually told me we had a friend’s dad’s work event to attend on 2nd April – many weeks in advance – to keep the date free.

In all honesty, I was a little suspicious at first because I was on alert, but weeks went by and our friend had really gone into detail telling me how excited she was for the event and what she was thinking of wearing. Cem was ridiculously relaxed that day and I totally assumed this was just a work event and a good time to see our friends. 

I’m really glad that I thought it was just a party after all, as my nails and makeup were all ready for what I thought was a different kind of special event! We were running rather late, Cem’s mum had left for Austria that day so we stopped at her house quickly for Cem to go in and ‘check on something’. He came out after a few minutes, got in the car and then looked about for his phone which he couldn’t find, before asking me to go in and get the phone while he reversed his car.

When I got inside, the kitchen door – where the phone was – was closed. I opened it to find this…





There were Petals and candles everywhere leading to the living room. I walked through and found a heart made of petals and candles…

By this point I was in tears and I couldn’t actually see my way properly but could see a small box on the coffee table. I then realised Cem was behind me all along and hadn’t actually reversed his car. He got down on one knee and proposed! Obviously I said yes but I couldn’t see a thing, the ring was a blur because of my happy tears! I was very shocked that he’d managed to surprise me!

I then started panicking that we would be late for his friend’s dad’s party and had to be told that obviously there was no party and now we would go to Leeds Castle for a tour and a romantic celebratory meal.

Who chose the ring and do I love it?

I LOVE IT! It couldn’t have been a better choice; I had confused Cem when he asked me about what I liked before, by pretty much liking everything. But an emerald cut diamond was definitely my favourite as for me it’s still a classic whilst showing my personality and taste for something different.


Wedding plans

This will be very brief as I obviously want to have an element of surprise for our wedding in August 2017 but this has been quite a relaxed experience up to now. The key challenge for me has been the practicalities around arrangements for a destination wedding. Our wedding will be in beautiful, sunny Cyprus! Any of the small challenges there are in planning a wedding, have been overshadowed by the excitement for us – for one the planning has meant a very fun trip abroad to choose our venue!

I’m yet to pick a dress and the finer details but so far we have chosen a venue, videographer, photographer and gotten the legalities rolling, so there are lots of exciting things to come which I will more likely save till after the wedding.

However, one thing I will do a post on some point in the future, is how I proposed to my bridesmaids! So keep your eyes peeled for my future posts!


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