Baby Steps!

Well hi! This is my first post on this blog so I think it is only right to use this post to tell you a little more about myself before I go straight into what ever else I feel like posting!

First of all, this isn’t my first blog. In 2012 I started a blog post called ‘Face Up and Smile’ which you can read here. This blog helped me through a particular time in my life (cancer diagnosis and treatment) and ended rather abruptly together with my active treatment.

However, before ‘Face up and Smile’ was ever created, I started and deleted many blogs. Blogs have always been a curiosity to me and the fact that any one can share their personal musings with other like-minded people through writing makes me happy! In fact this interest even led me to start a Master’s degree in marketing communications, in which I focused my dissertation on bloggers and YouTube.

There are so many excuses to stop yourself from writing and sharing your thoughts with many (or maybe just your friends). Obstacles range from worrying about boring the people who read your blog, criticism you may receive and simply not having the commitment to keep at it.

However, as I’ve learnt from my previous blog, if it’s a topic you love… Who cares!?
So I will go for it and take baby steps… Watch this space and keep reading for my posts to come.

Cansu x

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Hi, the Beauty Ten blog has been created as a hobby and space for me to focus on all things beauty, lifestyle and fashion related. If you'd like to get in touch or have any questions please contact me on

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