Life whilst weddings happen…

I think it’s pretty fair to say I’ve been out of touch with my blog for quite some time! For the past year and a half, I’ve been keeping more than a little busy organising two weddings, a kina (henna) party and attending a hen weekend (that, I didn’t organise).

I definitely underestimated just how much being in bride mode would take over my life. It’s been the best time of my life so far and the hard work was totally worth it.

So what better for my first blog post in many, many, months, than a post to share the whole set of events?

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To chuck or not to chuck

Hands up! Who can look through their makeup bag/kit/case/cupboard (whatever it is they use to store their beauty goodies) and safely say that none of their items have passed their expiration dates? What, no one? No one at all? Really?

Yes, really. It is that easy to go past the expiry dates of the cosmetics we use and some would be surprised that there is even a time limit to stick to. However, whether it’s a case of ‘head in the sand’ or ‘ignorance is bliss’, it really is high time you sat down and dug through your pretty-making treasures and thought about throwing some of the long-timers away. Continue reading “To chuck or not to chuck”

Big Steps – Our engagement story and wedding plans!

Those of you who know me already will know that I got engaged just three months ago. I should have plenty to say about planning weddings, cakes, dresses, flowers and all things frilly… but I won’t just yet! First of all, some things should stay a surprise and plenty of my wedding guests are reading my blog – so many wedding details will just have to stay under wraps.

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Getting a hair-fix

The power of hair colour…

Who would believe the power of a plastic bottle filled with chemicals, to transform not only how you look but also how you feel about and see yourself? There are so many personality traits that are associated with each hair colour. Are these not Stereotypes? Yes! But as much as we are aware that most blondes are not bimbos, that there are many brunettes out there living fun lives and girls with red locks are just as likely to be meek and quiet, as they are to be feisty, we are still naturally inclined to make a quick-fire judgment of a person in the first few seconds of meeting them, based on appearance.

Within the last three and a half years, I have been a natural brunette, made the move to blonde and switched back to an unnatural brunette again. Each colour change was the result of a decision I made reached for very different reasons. Continue reading “Getting a hair-fix”

Information Overload

Well hello! It’s been a few weeks since I said I would be starting to blog and here is my first real (and also rather late) post.  After struggling to stick to my blogging promise it’s rather fitting that the subject I want to talk about now is ‘sticking to goals’.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I have made plans to change habits in my life and have made just a feeble attempt before giving up.

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Baby Steps!

Well hi! This is my first post on this blog so I think it is only right to use this post to tell you a little more about myself before I go straight into what ever else I feel like posting!

First of all, this isn’t my first blog. In 2012 I started a blog post called ‘Face Up and Smile’ which you can read here. This blog helped me through a particular time in my life (cancer diagnosis and treatment) and ended rather abruptly together with my active treatment.

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